Goodman-Hewitt Specialty Conveyor Products

Specialty Conveyor Products

Spiral Catenary Idlers

Goodman-Hewitt spiral idlers are designed to perform in even the stickiest applications. Their unique "corkscrew" design works to clean the conveyor belt and helps to control belt-training problems associated with installations handling sticky material. Spiral idlers are available in belt widths from 18" to 48". Learn more about Spiral Idlers.

Impact Beds

The Goodman-Hewitt Impact Bed extends belt life and reduces downtime by supporting the conveyor belt and cushioning it against the shock of heavy loads and impact. Its modular design allows multiple units to be closely fitted to form the bed length needed. The Goodman-Hewitt Impact Bed is also offered with an impact center roll. Learn more about Impact Beds.

Impact Bar Assemblies

For heavy load impact areas, Goodman-Hewitt offers heavy-duty impact bar assemblies. The replaceable impact bars are made of a super slick UHMW polyethylene material. This can be provided in an MSHA approved material. Available for belt widths of 24" to 72".

Impact Roller Beds

Impact Roller Beds with serviceable wing modules that fold down for easier installation and removal. 


The SpringRider is a patented, spring-loaded system designed to protect your conveyor belt and idlers in loading areas handling heavy or abrasive materials. The SpringRider is designed to work where many other impact systems fail. By absorbing the impact in loading areas, downtime and additional equipment costs associated with conveyor damage occurring at loading points are reduced. The SpringRider utilizes springs to absorb the impact of heavy loads incurred at transfer points. With SpringRider technology, you get the benefit of vertical and lateral impact protection. As a result, equipment repair, replacement and associated downtime are reduced.

Slide Seal

The Goodman-Hewitt Slide Seal is designed to fit into your loading area when there is minimal impact. It is a simple and cost-effective way to provide continuous support of your conveyor belt against the skirting material, resulting in a positive seal. By utilizing two standard troughing idler frames with the center rolls and UHMW/steel support bars with support mounting brackets, this unit will provide a positive seal in your loading area with reduced belt drag. Learn more about the Slide Seal.


The Wobbler from Goodman-Hewitt is a special return training idler designed to train your conveyor belt. Its unique design, a steel roll centered on a 60mm ball bearing, pivots when the conveyor belt moves off center and guides it back to allow for a more efficient operating conveyor. The Wobbler is available in belt widths from 18" to 60". The Wobbler also solves another common problem. Most training idlers have complex frames which can accumulate so much material that the roll jams causing possible de-training and damage to the belt. The Wobbler return training idler is held in place by two simple brackets with no framework to collect material. Lubrication can be accomplished from either side. Wobblers are available with our 6" diameter steel roll or with 1/4" urethane coating for longer life and to resist material build-up. Learn more about the Wobbler.


The Hydra-POWER belt trainer is a field tested and proven self-contained unit for training the return strand of any difficult-to-train conveyor belt.  The unit consists of a package of modular components which may be installed on any standard or nonstandard conveyor where positive belt training is required to prolong belt life.  Learn more about the Hydra-POWER.